City Attorney/Chief of Staff

Andrew S. Hartley

Andrew is chief legal adviser to the Mayor, City Council and staff of the City. He works for Georgetown full time and does not maintain a private practice. Andrew is President of the Municipal Attorney's Association of Kentucky and sits on the Board of the Kentucky League of Cities. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky (2001) and the UK College of Law (2005). Andrew's career with the City began in April, 2013, and before that he was Staff Attorney at the Department for Local Government in Frankfort.

The City Attorney's duties include: planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating all activities and programs of the office; performing legal research and preparing legal opinions for City; preparing cases for trial; appearing in court as the legal representative for the City in all cases in which the City may have an interest; supervising the preparation of all ordinances, contracts and other legal documents of the City; supervising and evaluating personnel assigned to office; providing legal counsel and advice to legislative, administrative, supervisory personnel and individual employees regarding work related duties and responsibilities; attending Council meetings and advising Mayor and Council during meeting; studying existing and new legal publications; and working with attorneys retained by City for specific purposes.

In 2017, Mayor Tom Prather appointed Andrew as the City's first ever Chief of Staff, a role with general management responsibility over City staff. His duties include planning, organizing, controlling and integrating the work of the Mayor’s staff and subordinates; acting as a liaison on behalf of the Mayor regarding Citywide and department issues; interpreting administrative policies and relaying instructions and policy and procedural revisions to staff and other interested parties; developing, reviewing and interpreting complex policies affecting the City; and supervising project development and analysis. Click here to read the executive order.

Legal/Finance Specialist

Devon E. Golden

In 2017, the City welcomed attorney Devon E. Golden as Legal/Finance Specialist. Devon is a 2016 graduate of the Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law and a 2013 graduate of Georgetown College with a double major in Political Science and Business Management. She was captain of the basketball team at Georgetown and received numerous awards for academic and civic excellence. Devon is an active volunteer and community leader.